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Anishinaabe World View Greeting Card

Anishinaabe World View Greeting Card

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This painting is a celebration of the Anishinaabe point of view of the Earth. Now, available as a blank card to send to friends or family with your own personalized message inside.

The back of the card contains details about the painting and the artist, Patrick Hunter.

About Anishinaabe World View

This painting is a celebration of the Anishinaabe perspective, our way of viewing the world. Each element in the painting represents a spiritual or traditional belief that shapes how we interact with the world around us.

Centred in the image is a Tree of Life — a symbol revered in many cultures, especially among Indigenous peoples. From the tree comes all of life: shelter, tools, food. The leaves and branches depict all peoples and creatures that live on our Mother Earth, and all the different forms of life. The rocks beneath the tree represent our Grandfathers — those who have come before us, upon which all life has been built. They hold us in place so we can grow up strong. The beauty in life, often short-lived and delicate, is depicted by the flowers.

Giizus, the sun, represents the Father, while the moon represents our Grandmother. Giizus gives energy to the plants for food and air, while Grandmother moon watches over us during the night, lighting the way through the dark. Wawatay (northern lights) are the spirits of our ancestors, celebrating life and reminding us we are all part of Creation. Their dancing forms pathways for the souls as they travel to the next world. It’s said that when we are living properly and conducting our ceremonies and dances, the spirits of our ancestors dance in the heavens.

Lastly and most importantly, water — the one thing we all need to survive and it needs to be protected.

Blank Card

8 1/2 x 5 1/2

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