About Patrick

A dark haired Ojibwe man, a paintbrush tucked behind one ear, looks up with hand outstretched at a second paintbrush tossed above his head.

Patrick Hunter is a two-spirit, Ojibwe painter, graphic designer and award winning entrepreneur from Red Lake, Ontario. Patrick paints what he sees through a spiritual lens—inspired by his homeland, surrounded by the original works of Woodland painter Norval Morrisseau throughout his community.  

Art and design have been the driving force throughout Patrick’s life. This passion for the arts led him to the graphic design program at Sault College (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) and then to Toronto to pursue a career in design. Those early days were filled with the “wrong jobs” which led to the launch of his own company, Patrick Hunter Art & Design in 2014. He began initially by selling original paintings through patrickhunter.ca with the mandate to create art that makes people feel good. He has since expanded to include prints, blankets, glassware, and apparel with his art—purchased by people around the world.

Patrick believes a better world can be created through art, where future generations can see themselves reflected in mainstream culture. This hope for the future informs his work. With that in mind, he has been working toward this goal through collaborations in the corporate world, including the Olympics, Rogers Media Company, the Chicago Blackhawks, Holt Renfrew, Giant Tiger, Hyundai, and Nelson Publishing, to name a few. 

When not collaborating with exciting national partners, Patrick is creating awareness about his Ojibwe roots and inspiring creative confidence through in-person and virtual paint workshops across North America. Dividing his time between Toronto, and his studio in Sault Ste. Marie, he also makes regular journeys home to Red Lake to stay inspired, be with family, and reconnect with the land.

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